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About Us

Africa Education Aid for Development Network (AFEADEN) is a nonprofit initiative founded primarily to help provide quality education for underprivileged and displaced children and youths in Africa by increasing children’s access to quality education through integrated programs that eliminate the underlying obstacles which prevent children from going to school and learning.

With Members in Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania and other African countries, we are creating a network of young people doing exceptional things in their communities, we belive that our little but collective efforts will amount to the change we want to see in Africa.

We aim at using education as a tool create awareness, advocate and intervene on various societal challenges.

We carry out various programs and outreach which includes but not limited to:

  • School and classrooms renovations
  • providing schorlaships and school kits
  • school feeding pograms deworming activities
  • Early childhood education
  • Mentoring for youths
  • Youth empowerment programs.
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Schools

We advocate for various cause such as:

  • Education for displaced children
  • Girl child education
  • Peaceful societies by ending conflict and violent extremisim 
  • youth empowerment

Mission: To provide underprivileged and displaced children access to quality education.

Vision: To use the power of quality education and skill development to create a world where children and youths are able to fulfill their greatest potential.

Each child represents a future, the future of the community, of the country, and indeed the future of the whole world.

A society without education will become the breeding ground for violence and intolerance.

: Building support systems for children and youths through:

  • Providing scholarships and academic materials

  • Actively engaging with international aid and development agencies to implement comprehensive development programs that promote an integrated approach towards education and ensure long-term and sustainable impact.

  • Mentoring and leadership development training that empowers students to apply their knowledge beyond the classroom.

  • Active parent engagement and child follow-up to ensure excellence at school

  • Skill acquisition