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How your sponsorship will benefit the child
Your sponsorship will help a child:

  • Receive an education. A child’s sponsorship assists with school fees, uniforms, books, supplies, and even transportation. Education gives a child opportunities for a brighter future.

  • Gain confidence and social skills. Sponsored children gain confidence as they learn that they are capable and as they learn how to interact with others in a healthy way—equipping children to be agents of change in their communities.

  • Access to out-of-school educational opportunities.

  • Attend school regularly

  • Move onto further education and employment post school.

  1. T
    TIBIEBI is 10 years Old and she is yet to have a nursery or primary education, She who would love to go to school but can not because her parents are not able to send her to school. TIBIEBI's mother do not have a job, her father is a Firewood Cutter and proceeds go to food and the small room her sibling and parents live in.
  2. P
    Promise is 7 years old. She lives with Her parents and five siblings at the water front at Makoko Village. Her family go out fishing every day to make ends meet. She wants to go to school but her parents can not afford to send her to school.
  3. J
    Amarachi is 12 years old. in her words, " I left the village years ago because i want to go to school, My poor parents felt there is hope if i come to town to stay with my Aunt, Unfortunately there is no hope here for me because My Aunt cannot afford to send me to school, I really want to go to school".
  4. E
    ENDURANCE is 7 years old and have never been to school. She said she would like to read books and wear uniforms like other children. Her parents live in a makeshift shack and are struggling to feed, they cannot afford to send her to school.
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As a sponsor you will recieve:
  • A welcome kit containing all the information you'll need about your sponsorship and the impact of your donation.

  • A student profile completed by your student to share information about their interests and favorite subjects.

  • Regular supporter newsletters with stories from students and families involved in our programs

  • Opportunity to write to your student and on their birthday you can send them a card