Career Day

The choice of a career path to take, which course to study at the tertiary level and what it will take to study or pursue this career are few of the many questions that plague lots of teenagers.

Making decisions about career doesn’t always have to be complicated. If you spend time getting to know yourself, what you love doing and researching different opportunities, you should be able to make a sound decision.

At Stir House we commit to educating, mentoring and raising young people to become pacesetters.
The teenagers’ career day was organised to give an avenue for teenagers to meet and speak with professionals in their prospective field, ask questions, get informed on how to make career choices and what each career choice entails

We invited seasoned professionals in the various academic and work sphere to speak with the teenagers and have small group chats with them in line with their prospective career path. For the teens who were still undecided or uncertain, during the sessions, they were guided on choosing a career. We had over two hundred and fifty (250) participants.
The teenagers had a great time.

A huge thank you to the Volunteers and professionals who made this happen.
Most importantly, our wonderful facilitators:

  • Dr. Olayinka Famurewa – Doctor
  • Arch. Omotade – Architect
  • Mr Thankgod Sika – Computer Ananlyst
  • Mr Nodebe Ezeibe – Financial Analyst
  • James Lord – Musician/Artist
  • Barrister Tobi Samotu – Lawyer

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