Change and the future of our world

As far as Technology is concerned; and our modern day civilization, the school contributes majorly to the evolution of Man and his influence in the Environment

Talking about the school, it is the teachers; the professors; and the students who actually matter. Now, I’m not just taking an African perspective, but that of the world at large. Let us assume that the professors are already well to do in terms of living. So their energy is greatly directed towards making the society better more than enriching themselves. And the teachers? Well, they may work to enrich themselves or to make the society better, but their primary mandate is on the latter.

What about the students? This is where self-development matters mostly, and the choice of action (goals) taken at this level is extremely vital in determining whether our civilization will evolve or not. The choice of each student (assuming there’s no sitting on the fence), as I deduced it – burrows down to two. Either he studies, and graduates, and finds a job in the already made opportunities provided by the society in its current state; or he studies, and graduates, and decides to make a change in the society, correct non-ideal systems, and contribute to the evolution of Civilization. Now, in the short run, one of these choices is capable of keeping you ‘Well to Do’ in terms of living; in which case your environment remains static and crude. The other choice however, may or may not keep you ‘Well to Do’ in terms of living but your environment grows more dynamic and refined each day.

Although, one can’t stress the importance of one choice over the other (at least not at the early stage), because both choices are directed towards staying alive and living properly, and raising your children in the most comfortable way possible. But in the long run?

In the long run; not necessarily the end, we would agree that one choice was actually more important than the other in the society. For our generations would always refer back to ours (this current generation and the one that immediately succeeds it), and ask after the foundations we laid to create a better world for them, Why? This is a mandate all generations carry in the primary sense.
This is the reason why students are important.

We need a steady wind of positive change for a better society.

And it summarizes as the reason why we must EVOLVE!

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