The importance of getting these young minds busy with positive and engaging activities cannot be over emphasized, as it is said, “An idle mind is the devils workshop”. Young people through various activities can be taught peaceful coexistence and the need to stay away from conflict and extreme violent acts.

Most of the teenagers may come from broken homes, violent environments, witnessed violence (Rape, Abuse, child labor etc.) and some from underprivileged homes and displaced communities.  As such, engaging them creates opportunity for teachers and guardians to identify talents and / or behavioral patterns (positive or negative) and do the needful in order to harness or correct as the case maybe and help the teenagers in any way they can.

Engaging young people creates enabling environment to:

  • Teach
  • Re-orient
  • Identify and correct wrong behavioral patterns
  • Creates openness and freedom of expression for youth
  • Teach peaceful coexistence

It create an opportunity for teenagers to:

  • Learn
  • Ask questions
  • Share concerns, worries and challenges
  • Express themselves and get creative
  • Interact with fellow teenagers
  • Learn bonding and team spirit

To this end, the teenager’s outdoor games event was organized.

The teenagers had fun while interacting, playing and learning new games. There were lots of refreshments and the weather was clement

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