My experience at the summer literacy program was beautiful and I enjoyed every bit. I am a passionate lover of kids and an aspiring crèche owner so when I heard about the program I was elated to join… and it was beyond my expectation. In the short time of the program I had already started calling the children my Kids. Visiting their homes brought a tear to my eyes, it shows the level poverty which in turn results to the deprivation of children going to school and having even an average education experience. Thanks to the Organizers of the Program AFEADEN. More grease to your elbows and God bless you.
I really appreciate the birth of AFEADEN. I have found a voice. Giving to humanity has been a vision which i always wanted to actualize but didnt know how to. So, I met this family. A displaced family whose father eloped with another woman. The kids are out of school. The 10 year old boy dropped out of school at primary 2. The 5 year old has never been to school and a toddler. I spent time with the family and after listening to their sad story, I was so moved. I went beyond an ordinary summer lesson. Right there, I put a call to my parents, calling for assistance on how to give life to these children, my parents agreed to sponsor the first child of the family. The second which is 5 years old would  attend my school (an international school where i work) on scholarship, courtesy, my boss. I got a school bag and a few books for the little one. This was only achieved through AFEADEN. Thank you for lending me a voice.